Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Christmas Tree for your Kitchen

I started decorating a Christmas tree for my kitchen several years ago and I have really enjoyed it. I have some new ornaments as well as some unlikely and sentimental ones. Williams-Sonoma carried miniature kitchen tools a few years back, and that's what actually inspired me to start it. It adds a nice cozy atmosphere to my kitchen and it has been fun to buy new ornaments for it.

I have bought several miniature coffee and teacups, like this one:
I got this ornament at Hallmark this year:

I am VERY sentimental. I have Gil, Amby, and Zac's silver baby cups and I polish them every year and put them on the tree. I also have Amby and Zac's baby spoons and forks that I tied on with red ribbon.
My favorite ornament is one I bought from Hallmark several years ago. I love the detail. It connects to the lights and it looks like the oven light is on. There is a pan of cookies in the oven, a pan on top of the stove already decorated, tiny jars of sprinkles, and even a Mr. and Mrs. Santa salt and pepper on the top.

Just some ideas for you to make your kitchens even cozier this season. Or, you could start collecting for next year!


Anonymous said...

hi vikkie, i emailed you a year ago about your kitchen christmas tree, i was wondering if you know about what year ornament the stove is that you have on that tree and is it like a hallmark or just something you found somewhere other than christmas time. thanks diane

Vickie said...

As I said in the post, it is a Hallmark ornament. I bought it at Christmas time, probably in the early to mid nineties.