Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Make Your Own Christmas Village

This is part one of two posts I will be doing about this village. I enjoyed this project more than just about anything I have ever done. For starters, it was very inexpensive. The total cost for these three pieces was $4.20, which was 40% off at Hobby Lobby. I used regular acrylic paint, tacky craft glue, and clear glitter to give them the effect I wanted.
They are just plain little cardboard houses:

I pulled off the bottoms of each house:

They now look better and this also will enable me to put battery tea candles in them after they are finished.

I painted them ice cream colors:

I diluted the glue with a little water and painted it on. I poured glitter over the wet glue and shook off the excess. I repeated this process for each part of the house until they were covered.

This is how they turned out. All sugary and magical.

I also cut a tiny piece of lace for each window in the 2 houses and some of this print tissue for the church windows. It looked just like curtains and stained glass windows.

The way I did it was to apply the glue from the craft stick to the insides of the windows with my finger, then attach the lace or tissue paper. Sorry I don't have a picture for that.

Part two of this post will show you how they looked with their window treatments and where I put this village, so stay tuned!

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