Sunday, December 16, 2007

Candles with a Sparkle

I like to do a dressy Christmas table for my dining room. Last year I did candles that I covered with paper. This year I chose ribbon and beads. I found these candles at World Market. They are unscented, which is nice. The other supplies I used were tacky craft glue, (E 6000 glue - optional), clear gold beads, ribbon, gold braid trim, and a disposable foam paint brush.

I decided that the gold braid would make a pretty accent to the ribbon, so I glued some onto one side of it. Then I glued the ribbon onto the candle. I used E 6000 craft glue to attach the ribbon to the candle because it works really well. It does have a strong smell, however, so make sure you are in a well-ventilated room. You may find yourself frolicking around the room for no apparent reason if you don't. That DID NOT happen to me. The strong odor will subside after about 24 hours.

I placed my beads in a bowl. Then I applied the tacky glue, full strength, to the area above the ribbon.

I sprinkled the beads onto the glue by hand. They attached themselves like magnets. Then I repeated the same steps to glue the beads onto the bottom half of the candle. Use the ribbon to hold onto throughout this process.

The glue will dry clear and you will be left with this beautiful scattering of sparkle on your candles.

I found this charger at Hobby Lobby and I chose it as the base for my candles.

So simple to do. Such a surprisingly elegant result.

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