Friday, December 07, 2007

Coordinating Your Wrapping Paper

My sister-in-law, Karen, attends Briarwood Presbyterian Church, and a couple of weeks ago she invited me to tour the Caroline House, which is a lovely guest house on the church's property. Each room was beautifully decorated for Christmas. One theme I noticed throughout the house was the use of a certain color scheme: browns, golds, copper, and mossy greens. I love warm earth tones, so this color combination really appealed to me. I decided to coordinate my wrapping paper this year in those colors.

I found wrapping paper at several different places. One of my favorite stores for all things paper is the Paper Works Outlet. (I mentioned them in a previous post about box lunches). You can buy wrapping paper by the foot there, and I chose the gold moire on the far left, the tree design, and the coppery brown paper in the middle. They also carry Caspari paper, which is the one on the far right. I found the other paper at Smith's and at Target.

These two beautiful rolls of ribbon came from K-mart. I check K-mart every year at Christmas because I love Martha Stewart designs, which is what these are. The greenish-gold mesh came from Paper Works.

These little brown boxes and the polka dot drawstring bag also came from Paper Works.

Now it's time to start wrapping!


Amby said...

What kind of gifts will you be wrapping this year? Liiike for a daughter? Share with us some examps.

gorebels said...

I see you got your music working. I am soooo impressed with your blog. Love the music!


Vickie said...

There is actually already something in one of those brown boxes. I will not give examps.

Yes I did! I found a new site and there are 45 songs in my playlist! I'm glad you like it.

Peter Chen said...


Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Invisible background music player. I have responded to your comment. But from the comment above, looks like you already licked the problem. Congrats.

And Merry Christmass!!!!

Peter Blog*Star
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Vickie said...

Thank you Peter!
As usual, you are a great help. I hope you have a Merry Christmas as well!

Melissa said...

OK since you don't want to show us some examples of the gifts(Nice try Amby), then show us the finished product. I would love to see your tree also. You always have a great tree. Love and miss you!

Vickie said...

Hi Melissa!
I do plan to show examples of the gifts. My bows will not be as pretty as yours, though. I also plan to post about our tree, particularly the bubble lights.
I love and miss you, too!