Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Aunt's Corner - Betty

This a recipe of that belongs to my Aunt Betty. She lives in Atlanta. She has a husband, Wayne, a daughter, Dana, a son-in-law, Brian, and a son, Glenn. I used to love to go to Atlanta to see her when I was little. It is still fun to go spend the night with her. I used to lay on the floor in the next room and read, as well as eavesdrop, while she and my mom talked. I have always thought she was really smart and really funny. She sings very well and her choir just completed a CD. She and Dana drove to Birmingham the other night and listened to the CD on the way here. The best part is that Aunt Betty played the alto part along with it on a kazoo. Dana said it was ALL THE WAY TO BIRMINGHAM. We had a get together for all the girls in our family and she brought kazoos for everyone, and we played Christmas carols together in three part harmony. She used to be a singing treadmillist. Now she is a praying treadmillist.

I love being around her and I admire her very much. Here is her recipe for frozen cranberry salad:

Frozen Cranberry Salad
1(14oz) can sweetened condensed milk
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 (16oz) can whole cranberry sauce
1 (20) oz can crushed pineapple (drained well
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
12 oz Cool Whip (1-1/2 (8 oz) containers)

Combine condensed milk and lemon juice.
Mix in cranberry sauce, drained pineapple, and nuts.
Fold in Cool Whip.
Spread in 13 x 9 dish.
Freeze until firm.
Remove from freezer 5 minutes before serving.


Betty said...

Do I really look this fat? Diet here I come after the holidays!!
Now we're even, Vickie, but at least I didn't publish your cow picture!
I have always been a praying treadmillist. You just made up that other part. :o)

Vickie said...

I'm going on a diet, too. I actually heard you practice your choir music while on the treadmill. That requires real talent!

Finelly said...

Aunts are the best. I have a favorite of my own. She totally rocks!

Antoinette Towns said...

Hi, I am truly proud of your blog. It is fantastic. I have been so busy I had not had the opportunity to stop by and check it out. I was so happy to see the pot pie. Now, I can get it right. I hope. I love the ornaments. Is there anyway to sent your own pine cones. I have a ton of them.

Vickie said...

Thank you Toni!! I'm really glad you like it. You could probably buy some essential oil in a cinnamon fragrance and sprinkle it on them. I've never tried it, though. Places like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart carry those oils. Let me know if you try it! Tell Ariana I said hi.

Vickie said...

My Aunt Betty does totally rock.

Amby said...

Yay for Aunt Betty! I spent the night with her once and as soon as I woke up she brought me a cold Dr. Pepper. My MOM doesn't even do that.