Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quick and Easy Ornament

I had feathers left from my Feather Tree and I wanted to use them to make an ornament. My original intention was to have a single feather in the bottom, but it ended up being pretty full by the time I finished. I was surprised by the beautiful results.

Materials needed:
clear glass ornaments
white feathers
white glue (I like Alene's Tacky Glue)
Martha Stewart snow glitter (or whatever you have)

Take the top off of the ornament. Gently bend each feather and push into the ornament with a toothpick. Continue until you have it as full as you would like. It is actually amazing how many feathers will fit in there. Squirt glue along the top to look like icy snow and cover with glitter. Allow a few minutes to dry and replace top.

It's just that easy.