Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cookie Cutter Felt Tie-Ons

Anthropologie is one of my favorite places to shop, especially for Christmas surprises. They also have very cute tie-ons for their gifts. This is the one this year, and I happened to have paper that matched it perfectly.

It is made of felt circles that are threaded onto twine. After I looked at it, I got to thinking about how easy it would be to make them, but be a little more creative.

I traced around cookie cutters onto felt with a sharpie.

After I cut them out, I folded them in half lengthwise and cut two small slits in the middle.

Then I threaded them onto twine, which I got at Hancock. (The brown felt has been washed a couple of times to give it a worn look).

I typically use tissue paper only for stocking stuffers, but both of these patterns were really cute.

I loved how they turned out!


The Diva on a Diet said...

Another wonderful idea, Vickie. They're gorgeous!

Christina said...

LOVE this idea, going to go do it today. Thanks. Have a lovely Christmas.

Vickie said...

Thanks Diva and Christina.