Sunday, October 21, 2007

Uncommon Gift Containers

There is no time like the present to start preparing for Christmas, especially if you are taking the time to make something by hand. This project uses new paint cans which can be decorated with paper or fabric. I made a snowman to go on one of the cans I did, and that one ended up being my favorite. If you use wrapping paper or handmade paper, it needs to be heavy. The thin wrapping paper tends to wrinkle.

They can then be filled with cookies, candy, or small gifts. After you have filled them with your surprises, the top is hammered on, which, of course, makes the opening of the gift more challenging and the contents more intriguing.

Items needed:
Small new paint cans with lids (Home Depot $1.88)
Alene's Tacky Glue
Heavy wrapping paper
Handmade paper
Christmas fabric
Fusible interfacing (if using fabric)
Trim to match
Ribbon to tie with, if desired

For snowman:
heavy white scrapbook paper
toothpick (for nose)
orange acrylic paint
twigs (for arms)
3-D dots

Measure paper and cut into a piece 13- 3/4" long and 4 -5/8" wide. It's okay if it doesn't line up perfectly with the edges as you glue it onto the can. You can use trim to hide imperfections. Shown in this picture is some white embossed wrapping paper that I found at Hallmark last year. After I cut it out, I painted it, using the same technique that I did in my covered candle post last December, except this time I used metallic silver instead of metallic gold paint.

Apply glue to can with a foam paint brush. Then carefully apply paper or fabric.

If using fabric, iron fusible interfacing to the back:

Then measure and draw cutting lines onto the interfacing. Cut out and apply with glue to the can.

I free-handed a snowman onto the heavy white scrapbook paper with a fine-tip roller ball. I left my sketch lines showing. I cut a toothpick to an appropriate nose size and painted it orange. I glued it on when it was dry. I went out into my yard and found tiny twigs for the arms. I bought these little buttons at Hobby Lobby, but you could use mismatched ones that you already have.

I found this handmade paper at Village Press in Mountain Brook. I thought it looked like snow falling against a night sky. I applied pom-pom trim to the top.

I glued the twigs to the back of the snowman with a generous amount of glue and applied several 3-D dots to the back to make him stand out:

I found the trim and sticker I used for the can shown in the middle at Hobby Lobby.
After you complete the cans, fill them up and hammer down the tops. (The ones in the picture are not hammered down). A rubber mallet would be a good choice. Or, you could place a piece or block of wood on top of the can and hammer directly onto that.

I hope you have fun with this. The possibilities are endless!

If you don't have time to make this, but like the idea of a handmade container, go to Elexis, the owner, is a work-at-home mom who creates some really cute gift pails. Go and check out her site!


Anonymous said...

These are very very cute. And they look easy to make too. I am definately going to try to make some for christmas. Thanks for the great idea.

Anonymous said...

you blog feels like home. Not really my home, but what home is supposed to feel like. i get all warm and fuzzy. Amazing... just amazing. -Tisha

tammy said...

These are just the cutest things! I love them.