Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Refashioned Chest of Drawers

One of my favorite projects is to take an old family piece of furniture and give it a face lift. The main reason I enjoy such a project is that I am terribly sentimental. I also love the whole creative process that is involved.

When I was putting Amby's nursery together (25 years ago), my grandmother, Mimi, gave me a simple chest of drawers to use for her little clothes. It was stained with wooden knobs. I then used it for Zac when he was a baby, and later painted it wild colors when he was a little boy. Years later, Amby used it when she went away to college. She painted it white and put crystal knobs on it.

Well, it seems that it came full circle back to me. I needed a chest of drawers for my bathroom, and it was the perfect size.

I painted my bathroom walls deep khaki with sort of an army green glaze on them (which I will post sometime). I had some glaze left, so I used the white paint that Amby had painted the chest as a base coat, and rubbed the glaze on top of it. Then I over-sanded it. Amby had added this piece of wooden scroll work to one of the drawers. These can be purchased at craft or home supply stores. The glaze really brought out the design.

I also love mismatched, antique-looking knobs. I bought these at Anthropologie at the Summit. They can also be found at Southeastern Salvage in Irondale and at At Home in Homewood.

I really like to listen to the radio in the mornings when I get ready, but I didn't want anything that looked high-tech or modern, so I found this funky Crosley radio online. It has a streamlined 50's look, almost like a piece of luggage my parents would have had.

I found a table runner that I really liked at T. J. Maxx, and laid it across the top of the chest.

This project made for a very unique piece of furniture that holds many years of happy memories for me.

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