Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Easy Custom T-Shirt

I work for a local hospital every few weeks to help with cholesterol screenings, etc. for the employees of different businesses around Birmingham. Tomorrow, the place where we are going has encouraged us to wear our team colors because the day will have a "tailgate" theme. I needed a new shirt and decided to make my own. It would have been easier, of course, to have bought one ready-made from a sports type store. But this way is more fun, less expensive, and it gave me a custom fit and style.

I bought a long-sleeved shirt (Hanes Beefy T) and some iron-on letters (which happened to be 30% off) at Hobby Lobby. The total cost was $15. I chose lettering that had a collegiate look, but there are many colors and styles to choose from:

First, I prewashed my t-shirt. To find the center, I folded the shirt in half lengthwise and pressed it with an iron:

Then I folded it crosswise and pressed again, working to avoid my first pressing line:

If you look carefully, you should be able to see my pressing lines. The letters I chose had an adhesive backing so I could place them like I wanted to and they would stick, but were removable if I needed to adjust them:

After I placed the letters, I turned the shirt inside out and pressed each letter from the back for 60 seconds. (Follow the package directions of whatever lettering you choose). Allow the shirt to cool completely before turning it right side out.

This is the finished product. It was fun to do and it took only a few minutes.

Roll Tide.


Anonymous said...

Alabama ?

Anonymous said...

What would you do if you were for WAR EAGLE?

Vickie said...

I would be too embarrassed to admit it.

Anonymous said...

Great choice of designs!
Roll Tide!