Monday, July 30, 2007

Low Calorie Strawberry Shortcake

I was in the grocery store the other day and saw these individual angel food cakes. They inspired me to use them as a base for a dessert that I wanted to be tasty, but also low in calories. I personally do not care for any food or drink that is artificially sweetened because of the aftertaste. However, in my opinion, two exceptions to this are Jello Sugar Free Pudding and Cool Whip Sugar Free Topping. So I combined them to make this easy dessert.

Low Calorie Strawberry Shortcake

1 pkg individual angel food cakes
1 pkg Jello Sugar Free Instant Pudding
(I like chocolate the best for this, but vanilla or cheesecake would be okay, too)
2 cups cold, low fat milk
2 tsp cocoa
1 tsp vanilla
fresh strawberries

Prepare pudding according to package directions. Add 2 tsp cocoa and 1 tsp vanilla. Chill.
Slice or chop strawberries. Sprinkle sugar or other sweetener onto strawberries and refrigerate. (Sugar will help the strawberries to become very juicy and it adds only 15 calories per teaspoon).
Slice the cake lengthwise into 2 layers. Dollop a small amount of pudding onto the bottom layer and place the top layer on. Spoon strawberries with juice onto the top. Spoon Cool Whip onto the strawberries.
(Note: You can do this without the pudding with just the Cool Whip and strawberries).

With Pudding: about 200
Without Pudding: about 160
This dessert also provides calcium from the milk and vitamin C from the strawberries and is very low in fat. It is actually fat-free if you make it without the pudding.

Prepare the pudding according to the package directions.
I also added 2 tsp cocoa and 1 tsp vanilla, just to enhance the flavor a little:

Slice cake in half and spoon about 1/4 cup pudding onto the bottom layer. If you choose not to use the pudding, spoon Cool Whip and strawberries onto this layer.

I made one with chocolate pudding for Gil:

And with just Cool Whip for me:

These are delicious and are virtually guilt-free!


Finelly said...

Too funny. Do you know that I just made some angel food cake last night? Unfortunately, I didn't have any fresh berries, but did have some strawberry pie filling. I also made vanilla pudding folded into cool whip. Likely more fattening than yours, but still yummy! Oh how I love strawberry shortcake!

Vickie said...

That is cool. We are so the same. I like the idea of folding the pudding into the Cool Whip. I will try that.