Saturday, November 11, 2006

Snacks for the Traveler

Gil goes on mission trips several times a year and he usually takes a group with him. The people who go with him have taken time off from their jobs, and have paid their way to go and be a help to others. I like to show my appreciation for that and give something toward the trip, and I like to make them feel special, which they are. This time they went to Peru. Thank you to Gil, Alan, Randy, Carl, Johnny, Mark, and Wayne for going to help the people in Peru! I will add their picture when they get back.

Airport and airplane food leave much to be desired, so I like to send tasty, personalized snacks for them to munch on. On previous trips, I sent cardboard gable boxes full of food, but Gil asked me to put their snacks in large ziplock bags this time because the regulations for carry-on luggage are now more strict. So, all that to say, it totally went against my grain to use ziplocks because it was harder to make them cute, but they are guys after all, and all they really care about is the snacks themselves. (Especially Alan and the chex mix. I heard he tried to steal Johnny's.) Geez!

I use stickers for their names and usually put travel stickers, like suitcases, passports, etc. on there, too. You could also put stickers for whatever their destination is, such as London, NYC, etc.

Here are the ones I sent:

I covered up as much of the unattractive writing on the ziplock bags as I could with the stickers. I bought peanuts, cheese crackers, and white chocolate-covered pretzels. I made sweet chex mix and brownies. I baked the brownies in those new star-shaped holders by Reynolds, and they turned out great. I left theirs in the pans for extra protection, but this is what they look like unmolded. Be sure and spray it with cooking spray. The pan just peels off.

The more homemade goodies you send, the better it is, but it is certainly the thought that counts. Cookies are also great, and so are mini homemade pies.

This is also nice to take to the family members of someone in the hospital. At least then you can put it in a basket or something cute. We as nurses have actually done this several times for the family members of our patients who are with us for weeks on end.

Make showing your love and appreciation for those around you a way of life. It is very satisfying.


Gil said...

Thank You. We arrived in Peru at 12:00 am and have a service in a Prison at 7:00 am, not much sleep, but we are full of some great snacks. Johnny's bag made it down intact, I had to resist many attempts by Alan to pull out his chex mix.

tammy said...

I will show J.W. the picture when he gets home to see if everything really was the way it left home!!!!