Saturday, September 13, 2008

Time to Celebrate

I have done several posts about an upcoming baby shower that we were going to have at work. It was for Allison, one of our nurses. Allison is a wonderful person, so we wanted the shower to be really special. This was the main table. Another one of our nurses, Theresa, an expert shopper, found this really cute hat box that we placed in the center of the table. She filled it with several gifts. I used a white matelasse bedspread for the tablecloth. I really like layering on tables, so I bought a blanket that Allison was registered for on top. The instructions for the washcloth lollipops, rice krispie rattles, and basket baby carriage, are already posted under shower ideas in my category tags.

Pictured here is Jennifer (J-Lo), and Allison, the guest of honor:

Everyone came and went as they could, and as their pagers would permit. Here are some of her guests:

Everyone brought food and it was yummy:

She got lots of nice gifts:

Congratulations Allison! We are looking forward to meeting little Davis!


Anonymous said...

Allison is really blessed to have such great friends like you. Looks like you had a great party. Everything looked beautiful!

Dianne ;-)

Vickie said...

Thank you Dianne. We are blessed to have Allison. She is very kind and sweet and is a great nurse.