Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Wedding Gift in a Flour Sack

We gave a bridal shower for one of our nurses this week. I love to give gifts that relate to cooking, and she was registered for a set of melamine bowls. I have bowls similar to them and I really like them, and knew she would use them a lot, so I decided to get them for her.

I enjoy wrapping a gift in something that relates to it. I considered a dish towel, but it wasn't big enough. Flour sack towels are much larger and I have always thought they had a natural and fresh look. I bought this pack of flour sack towels at WalMart.

To wrap the bowls, first I placed them on top of the towel:

Then I pulled up all four corners, being careful to tuck in all the open spots:

I used a pipe cleaner to secure it temporarily. You could also use a twist tie.

I tied a satin ribbon around it and removed the pipe cleaner. I ran the ribbon through the gift tag before I tied it again:

Instead of a bow, I tied it underneath the tag because I wanted it to show:

I made the tag with card stock and put some fun kitchen stickers on it:

Now I am pondering what to do with the other four flour sack towels....


teachermomof2 said...

Very good idea! I love the gift tag.

You can always edge the flour sack towels with some trim and add an applique for each holiday.


Amby said...

We could get down with some embroidery this weekend?

Vickie said...

Hi Lisa, That's a great idea. Thank you.

Ams, Sounds like some crazy fun.

Carrie said...

That is a great gift!!! I was given 7 flour sack towels as a wedding gift-- I loved them. My grandma embroidered the days of the weeks on them for me.

Vickie said...

They are just so cool and homespun. That was sweet of your grandmother.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to get some flour sack towels to have on standby for gift wrapping! Thanks for the great idea!

Dianne ;-)