Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower

I mentioned in the last couple of posts I did that we were doing a baby shower for one of our nurses. It was a great success! We have a large day room on our floor that we were able to use for it. I wanted to make it as cozy as possible, but hospitals tend to be, by nature, somewhat institutional. So, in lieu of the florescent ceiling lights, I got permission to use a few lamps out of some patient rooms that were not going to be occupied. I ended up using 5 of them. As I was arranging them, I received a message on my pager that said, "Please note that there are lamps being taken out of the patient's rooms," as though we needed to be on the lookout for a lamp thief. It was from one of my friends, Theresa. She then helped me arrange the room, probably out of a guilty conscience for her trickery. We closed the blinds, turned on the lamps, and used bedspreads for the tablecloths on some of the tables. It was very feng shui.

Everyone brought something. This was our main serving table before we had all of the food on it.

She got lots of nice gifts!

One nurse, Linda, brought a gorgeous cake:

I love all things rubber ducky. At home, I cut out a piece of fleece (35"x60") and did a hand blanket stitch around the edges. I wanted to use it as a decoration that was also part of her gift.

I used a white matelasse tablecloth as a base and placed the fleece blanket on top. I used a small cardboard box underneath the blanket to give it height. I bought baby bottles to use as vases. I kept the colored rims on them and tied bows around the tops of them, then filled them with water. Another nurse, Allison, brought these beautiful flowers which matched perfectly. I placed the personalized plaque and mints in Gerber toddler bowls on the blanket, along with a rubber ducky soap dish. She can use all these things after the shower. (You can click on this, and any other photo to enlarge it).

This is Ashley, the honoree. She had fun opening her gifts. Christie is in the background. She wore a ribbon from one of the gifts around her head for a little while. It looked very Rambo.

Ashley got a lot of nice things and we had fun in the process. We are very happy for her and can't wait to see little Austin!


Anonymous said...

The tablescape was so cute. I'm sure your friends will never forget you pulling lamps for this party(great idea)--it really helps with the overall "feel" of the party. Brandon still laughs at me for having him hang a huge tulle canopy from our ceiling for the girls' tea party birthday. He will never forget that- but the girls will never forget either--that's the idea, right?!

Dianne ;-)

Vickie said...

Exactly. It is worth all the work to make a good memory for someone.