Monday, January 07, 2008

A Cozy Christmas Tree

I am posting this as an "After Christmas Special" of sorts. I was not able to put this post together before Christmas.

We have several trees that we put out every year, but this year I am posting our main tree and some of its trimmings. I have collected cute, whimsical, and sentimental ornaments for many years, and they are what I use to decorate the tree.

The picture below is a close-up of a bubble light. I have used them for several years. According to Wikipedia, the top of the bubble light is filled with methylene chloride, which has a low boiling point. The low heat in the base of the light is what causes the liquid to bubble. Bubble lights were introduced to the US in 1946. They made a comeback a few years ago and for a couple of years, were available everywhere. Now, when I have to reorder them, I go online to Bronners. The bubble lights not only add a beautiful bright light to our tree, but they also add a sense of movement, which makes the tree quite captivating.

This year, I decided to buy coordinating wrapping paper, which I did a post about a few weeks ago. I really liked the way my gifts turned out:

I tied simple bows instead of doing pom pom bows. It was quick and easy, and the wired ribbon made them look fancy.

Sometimes I like to add a little extra touch. Christmas picks like this can be found in craft stores.

I had to stash Zac's gifts behind the tree because it would be so obvious to him what was inside them. I think he figured it out anyway. He didn't say for sure because he and I had just invented a game called "Guess and Bless", (spoken in a strongly fake southern accent) where, if you guess your gift correctly, you have to give or "bless" it back to the giver from whence it came. The game was very tongue-in-cheek, but apparently was effective, since no one tried to guess what their gifts were.

I like to buy ornaments when we travel. This tie-dye tree came from Virgin Gorda. The little man next to it with a basket of Corona came from Mexico. My quest in Mexico was to find a cheesy ornament. I think I accomplished that.

This is "Frog-with-Human-Hands." He, with the help of Zac, often has insulting things to say to us. He has a Spanish accent and his hands move as he talks.

This was one of Amby's gifts to me. She made the cute little tree ornament. She is amazing and crafty. You could probably special order some from The Knit Owl for your gifts next year.

I hope you enjoyed this small peek of Christmas at my house.

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