Sunday, November 11, 2007

An Autumn Hostess Gift

Gil and I were invited over to dinner last night by some good friends that we had not seen in quite a while and I wanted to take them something special. I decided to bake them my favorite muffins, Morning Glorious Muffins, but I wanted to give them in something that was a little out of the ordinary. So, I found a silicone muffin baker that I thought would be fun to use as my container.

It came with a "sled" that keeps it stable for baking and transporting:

I found a really pretty autumn dish towel at Tuesday Morning. It had nice embroidery on it. I found coordinating ribbon at Smith's in Mountain Brook:

I actually baked the muffins in my own muffin tin and used paper liners:

Then I doubled the liners and placed the muffins in the silicone baker:

I covered them with plastic wrap and folded the dish towel over them like this:

Than I tied the ribbon around it. I tied on some tiny wired pine cones for an added fall touch:

The dish towel can be used in other ways, also. It could be wrapped around a loaf of homemade bread, or used as a liner for a basket filled with muffins or cookies. It is also great to include the recipe, which I actually forgot to do.

This is yet another way to enjoy autumn and all its cozy comforts.


Rachel said...

Hi Mrs. Franks -

My mom is sitting here next to me and she wanted me to write you a little note saying, "You are the most wonderful, talented person I know and I love you! Thank you for sharing your ideas with the world. Such a sweetheart."

- Patty (your favorite friend)

p.s. - Zac should be a hand model. He was rollin that dough like a profesh...

- this is from Rachel too.

Vickie said...

Hello Patty,(my favorite friend),

Thank you for saying that. I will mention that career option to Zac.

You and Rachel are very sweet. Thanks for commenting.

Peter Chen said...

Hi Vickie,

Thanks for taking time to leave a comment in my post Animated .gif images for your Blogger blog posts, etc., for your kind words and expression of appreciation. I have responded to your comment, but it is just expressing "my appreciation of your appreciation" if you know what I mean.

Peter Blog*Star
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janph1336 said...

Hi Vickie-

I was going to ask you for that recipe!


Vickie said...

I'm glad you have it now. Sorry I forgot to include it.
We enjoyed dinner!