Saturday, June 16, 2007

Get the Party Started

Whenever we have a dinner party during the warm months, we like for it to be fun and casual, and always outside on the porch. I found these animal napkin rings at Pier One several years back, and I use them often. I like them because they are whimsical and unexpected, and what is really funny is that almost without fail, our guests will choose where they sit based on the animal that is holding their napkin. It just adds to the fun.

I also have been collecting Fiesta dinnerware for several years. I bought it all at a place here in Birmingham called B &B's China, where they sell it at a discounted rate. They are factory "seconds" but it is easy to find pieces that are nearly flawless. B & B's is a huge place with a vast selection of restaurant supplies and tableware. If you live in or near Birmingham, and like to cook and entertain, I recommend that you check them out. You can also find Fiesta dinnerware online. One site is

I like a color variety, but you could buy a whole set in one color, if you were so inclined. I bought a set for Amby, as well, and she uses hers during the summer.

We recently had friends over for dinner. We had Grilled Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, Homemade Rolls, Salad, and Chocolate Cheesecake. This is how I decorated the table:

The napkins shown in this picture are some that I found at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago. They were actually bandanas. They are 100% cotton, which I think is needful for a napkin, and they came in a large variety of fun color combinations. I've used them countless times. I have found that it is always good to be on the lookout for tableware and accessories, even if you don't have a party planned in the immediate future.
So have fun with your next dinner party! And definitely don't take life too seriously.


Ron said...

Get this party started! I am the best dancer you've never seen. Just ask DeAnna.

Vickie said...

I really need to see that, Ron.