Saturday, June 09, 2007

Create a Custom Mat

Gil had a layover in Paris a while back and he bought me two really nice prints. I found some frames I liked for them, but the only problem was that the prints were an odd size and they didn't fit into the frames perfectly (as you can see). I had some scrapbook paper that had the look and texture of leather and I decided to fashion a sort of free-form mat to give it a custom look.

The frame had a piece of cardboard in it and I glued the print to it with a glue stick:
I cut the scrapbook paper into long strips and glued them to the print:

Then I framed them and hung them in my study. Yes, the look of rich, Corinthian leather.

Forget custom matting and framing. Do it yourself.


Anonymous said...

Very handsome prints; well done.

Vickie said...

Thanks :)