Sunday, March 25, 2007

Open Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

Before we moved into our house, the kitchen had dark, heavy, dated-looking cabinets. So we had them painted a creamy white, which really helped to make the kitchen feel lighter and more cheery. We also decided to remove some of the cabinet doors to give a different feel to the kitchen. Gil removed the doors and hinges, and I now use the open areas to store and display some of my favorite pieces.

This is the area above my sink:

It ended up looking like it had always been that way.

I have collected antique pieces and have other favorites which are perfect to display in an open cabinet:

This is a large cabinet that is above my desk. I keep pieces that I use often in it because it is easy to access.

This type of storage can also become a form of decorating. If you have interesting and colorful serving pieces, this is an excellent way to display them.

So, if your kitchen needs a facelift, a cost-effective solution is a coat of paint and a few less cabinet doors.

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