Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Baby Gift Wrapped in a Blanket

I have always enjoyed wrapping and giving gifts. I like to make the giftwrap special, and sometimes the giftwrap can be a part of the gift itself. Today I am posting a baby gift that I recently gave to a friend.
I started out by going to the craft store and buying an unfinished letter, which was the first letter of the baby's name. I went to A.C.Moore, but Michaels and Hobby Lobby also have them. The letters varied in size and font. I thought this "E" was particularly cute. It was only 79 cents. I painted it with white acrylic paint, let it dry, and oversanded it slightly to give it an aged look.
I wanted a blanket that was extra snuggly and I love pom poms, so I made this blanket, but you can use a purchased blanket for this project. I sometimes will give something small, like baby wipes, and then put a gift card on top. Just whatever fits will work. I folded in the 2 side corners over the gift, one at a time, then folded the bottom up, and then the top over so that it looked like this:
I secured the corner with a diaper pin and tied a bow around it. I tied a white ribbon onto the letter, and then tied it into the bow.

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i love it!!