Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Super Creepy Halloween Crackers

We had a Halloween lunch at work the other day, and I wanted to make some special treats for my friends. I decided to make personalized Halloween crackers filled with candy. The full tutorial with measurements, etc, can be found here.

I realized that I didn't have any Halloween scrapbook paper, so I searched online and found a great website from the UK called Activity Village. They had some very fun patterns.

I printed the paper onto 8 1/2 x 11 white card stock. You can cut two from each page.

I organized my candy so that everyone got the same amount.

I made personalized labels with a very scary font that I found on I also added spooky eyes.

And, voila! A basket full of super creepy treats.


Carol said...

The treats were so much fun and yummy!!!

Vickie said...

Thanks Carol! I'm glad you liked them!

Kelly said...

What a great idea! I'd like to see your Christmas version!