Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mossy Pumpkin Wreath

(Sorry I have been away from here for so long! I've been busy with work, family, and other various doodads. I have several ideas just waiting in the wings, and I should be able to get them posted over the next several days.)

Autumn is such cozy time of year and I love to decorate for it. I wanted to do a wreath for my back porch door and I found a picture of a beautiful one on Pinterest. There was no tutorial for it, so I had to improvise. It turned out to be really fun, although it was a bit time-consuming.

The supplies you will need are:
styrofoam wreath, preferably green, not white like mine
green paint (if your wreath turns out to be white like mine)
2 large bags of moss
about 5 small pumpkins
hot glue gun
long strip of burlap
Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer

As I mentioned, my wreath was white, so I had to paint it. Mossy green spray paint would have been an ideal choice, but all I had were various shades of green acrylic paint, which I mixed together.

Oddly enough, it worked.

I painted it on the wreath and it took a couple of hours to dry. You don't have to cover it perfectly.

Once the paint is dry, you can glue the moss onto the wreath a piece at a time. I tore some of it to fit. I don't have a photo of this step. Sorry. It's probably because I was too busy burning my fingers.

Once the moss is on the wreath, glue the pumpkins on. Make sure you use lots of glue. After I glued them on, I interspersed bits of moss between the pumpkins and glued that in as well. You will be able to see that in the last photo. Spray with acrylic sealer. The moss will shed if you don't.

I tied on the burlap strip as a hanger and hung it on my door.

I recommend this project! It was fun to do and I loved the result.


The Crafty Sisters said...

Welcome back, Vickie! Looking forward to your new posts and we love this wreath.

Vickie said...

Thank you! I promise I will try to post more!