Saturday, April 09, 2011

Easter Egg Candles

This is an Easter craft that is fairly involved, but lots of fun. I got the idea from here. Zac and Alex did this with me. You can find all you need for this craft at Michaels. Well, except the vinegar and eggs. Dollar Tree has some of these supplies as well.

Items needed:
Easter egg dye (we used Paas)
egg cups or tiny clay pots
acrylic paint & paintbrushes
candle wax

Tap the top of each egg and gently break it open. Empty the contents, as Alex so aptly demonstrates. If you are neat and don't drops eggshells into it, you can use the eggs in a recipe. (On a side note, our eggs were full of eggshells. So much for my lofty quiche plans.)

You can see from this picture how large an opening we left on the tops of the eggs.

The Paas kit had tablets to dissolve in vinegar as well as some packets of a more concentrated dye. We used both.

We used these cups to dye them in. Just use whatever technique you want to, being very careful not to crack the eggs.

Crafters hard at work. Gil got involved as well.

We couldn't find egg cups, so Zac had the idea of using these small clay pots from Michaels. They were the perfect size. We painted them with acrylic paint.

I like to save soup containers from our Chinese takeout. I used it to melt the candle wax in the microwave. Soy wax takes a lot less time to melt, but is more expensive. For both kinds of wax, I microwave on high at 2 minute intervals until it's melted.

I used a measuring cup to dip into the wax and pour into my eggshells. Now I'm craving Hot and Sour Soup.

Zac and Alex used a funnel.

Once you have poured in the wax, roll the top of the wick around a pencil and gently lay the pencil on top of the egg. Make sure the metal piece at the bottom of the wick touches the bottom on the inside of your eggshell.

Let them sit like this until the wax hardens.

Here are Zac and Alex's candles. Alex painted her clay pots with pretty pastels. Zac's are kooky. Shocker.

I decided to paint my clay pots white. I plan to use them on my Easter table on the porch. I will post that when I do it.

I highly recommend this project! Just allow yourself plenty of time. And buy lots of eggs.


happeningswithLana said...

Very cute and so cheerful looking. Would be nice little favors.

it's the little things... said...

So fun! I love them!

Vickie said...

Thank you Lana. They would be nice as favors!

Thanks Anna!

Sara said...

I like the clay pots better than the egg cups they used in the link. Can you just use food coloring?

Vickie said...

Thanks! I really liked the clay pots, too. I'm sure you could. Just mix it with vinegar.