Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Cupcakes

I wanted to make some special Easter treats and I decided to bake cupcakes! I used Duncan Hines Butter Recipe cake mix for the cupcake and my buttercream recipe for the icing. The instructions can be found here.

I bought these cute cupcake liners at Michaels.

These are felt Easter stickers that I also found at Michaels. I thought they would be fun as cupcake decorations.

So I lifted the backing and placed a toothpick on the sticky part...

...then I covered the toothpick with the backing.

Voila...instant cupcake decorations. I actually ended up cutting a tad off the ends because they were extra long toothpicks.

I used clear and colored sugar on the cupcakes.

A virtual Easter menagerie.

I am taking them to work tomorrow as a surprise. Shhhh...don't tell!


it's the little things... said...

Awww! So cute... I want one!

Leigh Anne said...

Those are ADORABLE! I hope I have time to try them. Happy Easter Vickie! I love your blog.

Vickie said...

Anna, You could make an adorable tiny version of them, I'm sure!

Thank you, Leigh Anne. Happy Easter to you, too!