Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Celebrate Autumn at a Pumpkin Sale!

Melinda Smith is having another pumpkin patch party! She has the most beautiful, unusual, and best-priced pumpkins I have ever seen. You can purchase beautiful pumpkins to decorate with.

This year she is hosting it for two days instead of just one, which should make it easier for everyone to have an opportunity to attend. Delicious food will also be served.

Dates: Friday, October 2 from 11:00-2:00
Saturday, October 3 from 11:00-2:00

477 Lake Road (Chandler Mountain)
Steele, Al

Directions: From Bham, take I-59 N to the Steele Exit.
At the exit, turn left. Go 1/4 mile to Hwy 11.
Turn left and go 1/4 mile to County Road 42 (Chandler Mountain Road). Turn right.
This will take you up Chandler Mountain. As you top the mountain, look for Chandler Mountain Baptist Church on your right. Take the third paved road past the church, which is Lake Road. Turn right onto Lake Road. The Smith house is the 3rd house on the left.

These are my pictures from her party last year. It was so much fun!

So pack up your car with a bunch of friends and head to Melinda's party! It is worth the drive.


Tammy P said...

I can't wait. It is ALWAYS so much FUN!!! See you there!

Susan said...

The party is always so much fun! I will be there!

Melinda said...

What exactly do you do at this party? Can you purchase her pumpkins?

Vickie said...

Yes you can purchase them! I edited my post to make that more clear. I'm glad you asked!

Rachel said...

That is a crazy bunch of pumpkins! Wow! I need to take my toddler to get one soon...she loved it last year!