Monday, April 13, 2009

Packages in the Mail

I have done Easter baskets for my kids since they were tiny and I see no reason to stop doing that now. Since my daughter and her husband live out of town, I send their Easter surprises in the mail. I think packages are fun to send because I know how much fun they are to receive. I realize I am posting this after Easter, but this could be done any time of the year for someone special, even if they live in town.

This year I bought most of their goodies at World Market. I decided to use tiny Chinese take out boxes to hold some of their treats. They had a set of them that came in several vibrant colors.

I lined them with plastic wrap:

And filled them with gum:

..and jelly beans:

I added baby chick stickers to the fronts and a custom monogram to the top of each one:

I had some left over carrot tissue paper from last year...

..and I wrapped some fun sauces in it, and then placed them in plastic bags:

I also did some clear bags lined with bright tissue paper with their initials.

I added a final touch of shredded grass from World Market:

Yes, my children are grown, but I will not stop doing Easter baskets for them until they ask me to. So far I haven't had any complaints.

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