Monday, May 26, 2008

Uncommon Gifts and Wrappings

My friends Paige and Tammy lead and co-lead a small group for Church of the Highlands at Paige's house once a week. They asked me to come and talk to the ladies in the small group about making gift baskets. I have already posted about some of these ideas, which I will link back to my original posts. There were a few that I haven't posted about before, and I will present them in a little more detail.

I decided to make a Spa or Relaxation basket. This would be a great gift for a lady who needs some time to herself, maybe because of a stressful job, lots of small children, or maybe just to relax and detoxify. I used a bamboo bowl as my container and placed shredded paper in the bottom. I made bath salts and poured them into a pretty jar, and added soaps, a loofah sponge, and bath gel and lotion. I recommend the Aromatherapy products at Bath & Body Works. I love the Eucalyptus Spearmint, but the Peppermint is also nice. I added the bottle of Johnson's Vapor Bath that I just posted about. Candles and music are essential for true relaxation. This CD is Dreaming Wide Awake by Lizz Wright. I have also made my own CD's from some of my favorite music to put in these kinds of baskets before.

I added a pair of cute slippers that I found in the gift shop of the hospital where I work. They are really comfy and look very spa.

Next to the Spa basket is a Gift for a Guy, which I have posted about before.

The hat box in the background holds a lady's gift. Inside it is a frame, a journal, a lint roller, a small book, kleenex, and candy. There are many other small gifts that could be placed in it. This kind of box can be found at T. J. Maxx. Home Goods, and Hobby Lobby.

This is the Get Well Basket that I talked about in my last post.

This is a baby gift wrapped in a baby blanket. This blanket was only $4 at Walmart. I posted how to do this last year.

Smith's Variety in Mountain Brook has these drawstring bags in various sizes. They are nice to hold small gifts.

After we talked about gift baskets, we had a bath salt making class. We used Epsom salt as the base, then each person chose the color and fragrance they wanted. We used small Ball jars.

We had a lot of fun and I hope everyone will enjoy using their bath salts.

Gift baskets are fun to make and great to personalize for the individual recipient. It is also practical to make the container a part of the gift itself. Have fun making gift baskets!


Anonymous said...

That was so much fun!! Thanks again for coming. We would love to have you back in the fall, Paige

Anonymous said...


You have such great ideas! I'll keep the spa basket in mind for next year's teacher gifts!

Thanks again,
Dianne :-)

Anonymous said...

Your ideas are wonderful and then you share them with the rest of us. How much better can that get?
You are an angel.

Anonymous said...

Wow I need a captain coat!
Where can I get one?

-Captain Pastor