Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Baby Gifts and Showers

Last year I posted a fun way to wrap a baby gift. This is basically the same concept, but with a purchased baby blanket. A thinner blanket will actually fold more neatly around your gift, and I am going to show the step-by step process I used to do it.

You obviously need to start with a small gift. I like to buy baby wipes and add a gift card on top. Gift cards are a real time-saver for the giver and nice for the recipient because they don't have to be returned or exchanged.

Lay the blanket in a diamond shape, and place the gift on top:

Then fold the front corner away from you and over the gift, as shown:

Neatly fold the sides along the gift. This will take 2 or three separate folds to fit snugly around the gift:

Bring the remaining corner over the top and fold. Secure with a diaper pin, a coordinating ribbon, or both.
Scrapbook implements are fun to use to make gift tags. I needed large, white tags, so I used a smaller one as a basic pattern, and cut them out of sturdy scrapbook paper. I punched a hole in them so I could tie them onto the gifts, and I used stickers to decorate them with:

As I mentioned in a previous post, we had a double baby shower at work. This is the gift I did for Leah, who is having a boy:

And this is the one I did for Dawn, who is having a girl:

Here are Dawn and Leah, who are very excited about their shower:

Pam, who is one of our nurses, did this very cute gift centerpiece for our table:

Here is a group picture of some of us who were there. It was a really nice shower.

Have fun with your gift-giving and always endeavor to make the recipient feel special.


CeeJay said...

Soooo cute, I love it. Great idea.

Vickie said...

Thank you.