Friday, September 01, 2006

Lamplight and Candlelight

I love the cozy atmosphere that both lamps and candles create any time of the year. I have never liked the stark, glaring brightness of ceiling lights - they were always like a necessary evil to use in a dire emergency, such as finding an earring back or other indispensable minuscule item. I am posting some examples of how to use lighting to create a warm and relaxed feeling throughout your home. My bathroom is a very eclectic mix of objets d'art that I love.
Here is a look at a small nook:

Most homes do not come with enough outlets for us to make them as cozy as they need to be. Here is an even smaller nook:

This is a cool candle holder I got at T.J. Maxx, also a great place to find unusual lamps. I got these pumpkins at Pier One. I put them out every fall. I love fall decor that uses natural things, such as grapevine and pine cones. It really stores well to use year after year.
The original intention for these cute pumpkins was to fill them with candy and give them to the children of our dinner guests who came in the fall. Some actually did go for that worthy cause, but most went to Zac and his amazing friends.

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leasa said...

I was showing your sight to a friend today and saw the new pics and ideas of course I love it and am singing your praises