Sunday, February 13, 2011

Glass Etching 101

"Would you like to see my etchings?"

A guy actually asked me that on a first date back in my college days. Turns out he was an artist and really did have a portfolio of etchings. I'm fairly sure he used that line a lot, though. Lame.

I have wanted to try glass etching for quite some time now, and it turned out to be really easy. I did learn some of it by trial and error, however, and I hope this post will prove to be helpful to those of you who want to try it.

The supplies you will need are:
Etching Cream
Glass stencils
Rubber gloves
Small stencil brushes
Lots of paper toweling
Something glass to etch onto (Dollar Tree has lots of options)

I found the etching cream and stencils at Michaels. Hobby Lobby has them as well.

Place the stencils on clean, grease-free glass, and make sure it adheres well.

Dab a generous amount of the cream onto the stencils. Be VERY careful not to go outside the stencil. You might want to block it off with tape. I had a mishap or two because I didn't use tape and some of the cream etched where it wasn't supposed to.

Leave it on for about 15 minutes.

Rinse it off in the sink. I know I don't have gloves on, but you are supposed to wear them.

We found these "Decorative Accents" at the Dollar Tree. They are some sort of polymer that absorbs water. We had to have them. Plus they were only a dollar.

They are marble-sized, and are very squishy and slippery.

The label says to keep them away from pets.

I sat a candle holder inside the glass I etched, and sprinkled some Decorative Accents in between. The extra designs you can see in this picture are what I did around the top on the other side.

It's really pretty when the candle is lit.

My friend Meagan came over the other night to do crafts with me. She etched a design onto a square candle holder.

Zac and Meagan's boyfriend, Dustin worked on candle holders as well.

This is Meagan's. I love her polka dot design. Such a creative idea.

Dustin actually poured candle wax into the container and made his own candle. The initials he etched didn't show up well, so he went over them with a red Sharpie. Very cool.

Zac poured his candle also, but first he colored some Decorative Accents with food coloring and poured them into the bottom. Then he poured in the wax. It turned out to be very interesting and volcano-esque. He outlined his letters with red Sharpie as well.

Oh, and thanks to Zac and Dustin, we know that Decorative Accents are not flammable.

Happy Etching!


Janie Masterson said...

I have always wanted to try etching glass but I thought that it was one of those Martha Stewart only type projects. I will try it now! You little Yorkie is so cute!

happeningswithLana said...

I also have thought it would be neat to do but have never tried it. We are using those clear magic crystals for my daughters wedding in May. Putting them in a cylinder with a tea light on half the tables with some other stuff.

Anonymous said...

WHo is this "etchings" fella. Thats a good line!
Well I can use it now that I have etchings skills.
I like that you had to show your pet so everyone knows you didnt give the dollar tree goodies.

-Abraham Lincoln

Vickie said...

Thank you Janie!

Lana, I hadn't heard of the clear magic crystals and googled them after I read your comment. Those are cool and they remind me a lot of the Decorative Accents. Best of luck with the wedding!

Abraham, His name was Steve and he worked for a local magazine. I did for sure want everyone to know that I didn't feed the Decorative Accents to my dog. Use your etching skills for good only and never for evil.