Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Open Up a Can of Worms

(Note: I am reposting this from a couple of years ago.)

Not real worms, of course.

I like to send Amby and Nathan a box of Valentine surprises every year. For one of the surprises, I decided to make the pop top cans I posted about last Christmas, except this time with custom labels. For a complete tutorial on how to make these, go here.

I have downloaded a large variety of fonts from dafont.com. I used Printshop for Mac and pulled up a blank page. Then I typed in their names and nicknames in various fonts. I thought that black on white with a single red heart would look cool.

I printed the labels onto white card stock and cut them into the size that would fit the cans I chose. You can gently remove the original can label and use it as a template if you need to.

I filled the cans with Brite Crawlers. I glued the bottoms back on and placed two heavy books on top of the cans for about 30 minutes. I tried Alene's Clear Tacky glue this time and really liked it.

Ahhh... the finished product. Nothing says I love you quite like a can of worms.

I tucked them away in their Valentine box and sent it off to Oklahoma.

This project is really fun and is suitable for any occasion!


Amby said...

I loved my can of worms and the whole box. It always gives me something fun to look forward to! Thank you!

tricia harris said...

These look great, Vickie! I can't wait to surprise my little ones, too! Thanks for sharing ~ Tricia

Vickie said...

You are welcome, Amby and Tricia!