Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Gift Toppers and Tags

I am posting more Christmas ideas a little late, but better late than never! This post contains many links that you can enjoy all year. And a reminder, double-clicking will really help you to see these better.

This year I utilized resources from the internet to make gift tags and trimmings more interesting. I downloaded this and other amazing Christmas prints from A Print a Day. I printed this on card stock to use on my pop top can treat project, which was an idea I got from How Does She...

The links for the following tags also came from How Does She... I printed these cute retro tags onto photo paper. They originally came from Orange You Lucky.

These tags came from A Print a Day.

These came from Mushy.

Sometimes if the paper and tag are cute enough, you don't even need a bow.

I made my annual visit to Kmart in late November to check out the Martha Stewart decorations. I went back a couple of times because as it got closer to Christmas, it all went on sale. This year it was a sewing/knitting theme, which was perfect for Amby. This reindeer ornament is a tiny pincushion.

This is an adorable sewing/knitting basket ornament. Another Martha idea was to cut "ribbon" from coordinating wrapping paper, which I did here.

Smith's Variety had an assortment of robot ornaments that I used for Zac and Nathan's gifts.

I LOVE cigar boxes, especially unique ones. Cigar stores sell them for a fair price. Nathan's had a sliding top and Amby's had a tiny metal latch. Nathan's tag was made with scrapbooking implements and I made Amby's with Printshop and printed it onto photo paper.

Anthropologie is always a great source for ornaments. This one doesn't need a tag.

Stickers are always easy.

I like to give adventurous gifts to the grandkitties, who, despite their busy schedules, were able to make it to Birmingham for Christmas. I found this kitty font at It is called CatsAlphabet.
This year they got adjoining cubes. I also got them a crinkle tunnel which Amby later joined in the middle between them. I understand that Sherman has taken over the gift just as he did last year.

Here is Sherman enjoying his new adventure cube.

If you HAVE the time, then I recommend that you take the time to add fun and personal touches to all your gifts, and not just for Christmas!

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